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Understanding our thoughts is an essential part of being emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. In these videos, Erica Spiegleman explores common cognitive distortions that may get in the way of living an authentic life. 

I'll never get that job! This date is going to be a disaster! I could never take a yoga class, I'll be a laughing stock!​

Do you recognize those words? Have you ever found yourself articulating the worst case scenario before you've even left your house? This is a cognitive distortion known as catastrophizing.

Erica explains how to recognize what catastrophizing is and how we can stop it right when we notice it happening.

I should really settle down and get married before it's too late. I should stop trying to get my dream job and just settle for what I have.

Are you holding yourself to a standard that is more about other people's expectations than your own authentic goals and dreams? This is a cognitive distortion known as "the shoulds." 

Erica explains why "the shoulds" are an obstacle to personal authenticity and happiness.

My brother didn't call me back because he hates me. My boss forgot to say hello to me because she thinks I'm a bad employee.

Unless you know you've caused someone deliberate harm, their behavior is likely not directly related to you. This is a cognitive distortion known as personalizing. 

Erica explains why personalizing causes unnecessary anxiety and discomfort.

How can people be so stupid and support that candidate? Why don't people care more about the things that matter?

If we are overly fixated on our own perspectives, we lose the ability to understand other people's frame of mind and decisions. This is a cognitive distortion known as polarized thinking. 

Erica explains why polarized thinking causes tension and stress in your relationships.

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