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The Rewired Program will give you the foundation you need to establish self-care habits and rituals in your life. Together, we'll explore what self-care is as well as the importance of boundaries, authenticity, honesty, and more.

Enroll when you want! When you enroll today, you will receive the following materials in a Zipped file
  • Tip Sheet for getting started (PDF)
  • Lesson packet: "What is The Rewired Method?" (PDF)
  • Initial Intake (Word)
  • Journal Prompt (PDF)


You will also receive one email each week (a total of 3 emails) with the following information:
Topic materials: Each week, you’ll receive information about two topics, including: authenticity, honesty, love, self-care (physical, emotional, spiritual), boundaries, sleep, nutrition, fitness, technology, communication and relationships, and evolution.
Interactive exercises: To further increase your understanding of the topic, each week you will be asked to complete an exercise that complements or reinforces the material you just learned. You will receive two exercises per week.
Journal prompts: A journal is a wonderful place to explore your own thoughts and relate to the content on a personal level. You'll receive a journal prompt about each topic we explore.
Facebook group discussions: You have the option of joining a private Facebook Group for other participants in The Rewired Program. Each week (Saturday), I will post a discussion question that relates to the topic we are covering. This is an opportunity for you to learn from each other and grow together.
A personal session: We will schedule this personal session upon enrollment in The Rewired Program.

The Rewired Program

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