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Looking to start a Rewired Support Group?

Fill out the form below to receive a FREE copy of a "Rewired Support Group Manual," which was created by a member of the Rewired Community who is running recovery groups via Zoom. The book includes:

  • A meeting format outline specifically tailored to online groups!

  • Topic material discussion questions, facilitator scripts, and exercises that connect each topic to information found in Rewired

  • Topics covered include: 

    • Boundaries

    • Authenticity: Masks & Our Authentic Self

    • Authenticity: Cultivating Authenticity

    • Honesty

    • Relationships

    • Healthy Communication

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Family Dynamics

    • Time Management

    • Accountability

    • Evolution

    • Healthy Living & Self-Care

    • Gratitude

    • Compassion

    • Love

    • Balance 

Just complete the form below to receive your free copy of the "Rewired Support Group Manual"

Rewired Support Group Manual Request Form


Are you looking for support and tools as you build a Rewired community? In this virtual 1.5-hour session, Erica will provide you with strategies and tools for forming, supporting, and maintaining a thriving community group. 

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