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Looking to start a Rewired Support Group?

Fill out the form below to receive a FREE copy of a "Rewired Support Group Manual," which was created by a member of the Rewired Community who is running recovery groups via Zoom. The book includes:

  • A meeting format outline specifically tailored to online groups!

  • Topic material discussion questions, facilitator scripts, and exercises that connect each topic to information found in Rewired

  • Topics covered include: 

    • Boundaries

    • Authenticity: Masks & Our Authentic Self

    • Authenticity: Cultivating Authenticity

    • Honesty

    • Relationships

    • Healthy Communication

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Family Dynamics

    • Time Management

    • Accountability

    • Evolution

    • Healthy Living & Self-Care

    • Gratitude

    • Compassion

    • Love

    • Balance 

Just complete the form below to receive your free copy of the "Rewired Support Group Manual"

Rewired Support Group Manual Request Form

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