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Help your group connect, communicate, and practice self care

Rewired Corporate Wellness Workshops are the perfect complement to any employee training, professional development, or corporate wellness program. Using the principles of Rewired, your team will go through a series of individual and group exercises that can help them identify opportunities to learn and grow. 

Whether you want to provide training for your entire staff or professional development for smaller teams, your workshop will be tailored to your goals and your company’s unique culture and values.

If you need materials or information to present to your manager or HR department, you can visit our FAQs and download a flyer.

Each workshop can be customized to your needs and goals!


  • Self-Care Strategies

  • Resiliency

  • Healthy Communication Skills

  • Conflict Management

  • Stress Management

  • Coping Skills

  • Time Management

  • Cognitive Awareness

  • Healthy Technology Habits



  • Salesforce

  • Hawke Media

  • Recovery Your Way

  • Humanity Preservation Foundation 

  • Saatchi & Saatchi

  • Team One USA

  • Conill Advertising

  • BRC Better Recovery Center

  • Cliffside Malibu Center


“Thanks SO much for an amazing talk at Salesforce.
The content was super valuable, the research insightful, and the strategies 
presented extremely pragmatic and achievable. “

“The workshop material is an important 
addition to a wellness toolkit for anyone 

seeking to make big life changes.”

FAQs and Supporting Materials

1) How long is a Rewired Corporate Wellness workshop?
We can work together to customize the workshop to fit your schedule and your training needs. Workshops can be as short as one hour or a multi-part workshop that is spread over the course of a series of days or scheduled with other conference sessions. 

2) What topics are covered in Rewired Corporate Wellness workshops?
The topics are fully customizable to your organization, your team, and your goals! If you have a specific communication or collaboration need, we can take a deep dive into that specific topic and tailor exercises to support our learning. However, we can also structure a broad-based wellness workshop that will help your team develop a strong foundation to practice self care, time management, healthy conflict resolution, productive collaboration, and more.

3) Do you offer virtual  Rewired Corporate Wellness workshops?

Yes!​ I am available to meet via Zoom, Teams, Skype, or any other virtual platform your company uses. You are also free to record the session and share it with other members of your organization.

4) What is included with a Rewired Corporate Wellness workshop?

Each workshop involves a session (in-person or virtual) with a presentation, interactive exercises, and a Q&A period. Each member will also receive a packet of supplementary materials that they can use to reinforce what was covered in the workshop.

5) Do you have a flyer I can show to my manager or HR department?

Yes! Simply click the button below to download a flyer that provides information about Rewired Corporate Wellness workshops.