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My exclusive, 12-week, small group program will give you concrete tools to support your recovery journey in an affirming, close-knit community.


THE REWIRED MASTER CLASS is the right fit if you:

  • Would like more tools for your recovery and sobriety to manage stress and anxiety, foster authenticity, cultivate meaningful relationships, create healthy boundaries, and sustain a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self-care practice.

  • Want to grow, learn, and share with a supportive community that is focused on recovery and sobriety.

  • Looking for one-on-one time with Erica, an addiction counselor, to identify your goals, create accountability, add more tools to your life for recovery, and learn how to have healthier thought habits and routines.

  • Would like to explore a library of information, learning exercises, videos, affirmations, and reflection prompts.

  • Are looking to build and sustain positive habits, rewire your brain, that will help you evolve and face anything that comes your way in life. 



The REWIRED MASTER CLASS is a 12-week, small group (10-15 people) program that includes:

  • Two 30-minute individual calls with Erica Spiegelman at the start and end of the Master Class.

  • Weekly support group meetings (held via Zoom) with Erica for support and community building. 

  • An online educational program with ten multimedia self-paced modules that explore self care, communication, our thoughts, time management, stress management, boundaries, and self love, which will help you rewire your brain for recovery and wellness.

  • Exercises, affirmations, and journal prompts to encourage deeper reflection and spiritual connection to yourself.

The REWIRED MASTER CLASS is a 12-week commitment that costs $1,100 per month (for a total of $3,300).



Launch dates coming soon.


Digital nomad

Thank you for this online program!

It truly has been helpful in my recovery in understanding my boundaries, in helping me with stress management, and how to rewire my brain for a healthy
life in recovery.


Man Reading

Erica Spiegelman provides a practical approach to addiction recovery and clearly communicates pragmatic addiction recovery philosophies, making it suitable for both newly recovering addicts and seasoned veterans.




1) How is The Rewired Master Class structured?
The Rewired Master Class includes several key components.

  • Ten online, multimedia modules:

    • Topic Overview: This gives you a comprehensive look at the topic and how it affects your recovery, health, and wellness.

    • Topic Exercise: This helps you connect the topic to your everyday life.

    • Journal Prompt: This encourages reflection and reframing, which are key steps to rewiring your brain.

    • Discussion Question: This is an opportunity to connect with other people who are exploring ways to build healthy, lasting habits.

    • Affirmation: This reinforces the material and provides you with positive self-talk.

  • Weekly, hour-long group Zoom meetings where we will review the topics, discussion questions, and share resources.

  • Two one-on-one sessions with Erica to set intentions, articulate goals, and hold yourself accountable.

2) What topics are covered in The Rewired Master Class?

  1. Rewiring the Brain for Recovery

  2. Mental and Emotional Self Care

  3. Physical and Spiritual Self Care

  4. Authenticity & Honesty

  5. Communication

  6. Our Thoughts

  7. Time Management

  8. Stress Management

  9. Boundaries

  10. Self Love 

3) How long will it take me to complete The Rewired Master Class?
The entire program is 12 weeks long. Upon enrollment, you will receive access to all ten modules, so you are free to go at your own pace. However, we will meet each week to discuss a specific topic, which you should review before each group meeting. Some people complete one part of each module per day; others may get through an entire module or more in a day. We do recommend that you consider limiting your pace to no more than 2 modules per day, to allow yourself the mental, emotional, and psychological space you need to process everything you have learned about the topic and about yourself.

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